a place-based initiative symposium



Re+Vitalize, a Place-Based Initiative (PBI) Symposium, is bringing practitioners, civic and government leaders and funding partners together to focus on neighborhood revitalization efforts, collective impact in neighborhood investments and PBI strategies.

The Symposium will feature a national line up of speakers and panels to address latest national trends in: neighborhood rebuilding efforts, the importance of government and policy in successful Place-Based Initiatives and how to build sustainable change and cultivate great leaders.

dear friends

I am delighted to welcome you to Re+Vitalize, a Place-Based Initiative Symposium. This gathering is the pinnacle of our multi-year effort to address philanthropic needs as a way of redeveloping and restoring pride in the neighborhoods and communities around us.

It is my belief that families thrive when they’re surrounded by supportive communities. However, through years of experience, I have seen many communities face trials of poverty, unemployment, failing education systems and housing instability.

As citizens of our communities, we’ve been provided an amazing opportunity to come together as practitioners, government leaders and funding partners to make a collective impact on the communities we call home. I believe our businesses succeed when our communities are thriving. Yet, our businesses must first be successful in order to help our communities. We must be intentional with our efforts to build, sustain and operationalize this opportunity to provide better education, financial literacy, meaningful relationships and community revitalization.

Re+Vitalize takes a thoughtful look at Place-Based Initiatives and will feature an impressive lineup of speakers and panelists to discuss neighborhood rebuilding goals, the importance of government and policy and how to cultivate great leaders.

I am so appreciative of our partners and leaders who have exceeded what is required of them in order to give back to our communities in a valiant way—you have done so with sincerity, generosity and great intellect. I want to personally thank you for being deeply invested in our place-based strategies.

Thank you,

Sanjiv Yajnik
president of capital one financial services & south central region